A Welcome Addition

A home gets a value boost with an upstairs bathroom suite

Typically, people make a list of “must haves” when searching for a new house. All are subjective, but realtors nationwide agree that having a master bathroom suite can be a big selling point. Spillane recognized the chance to enlarge the master bedroom, add a bathroom and create a walk-in closet on the second floor by building out across the top of the existing sunroom. 

It took two days to build the addition. The sunroom roof was removed on the first day. Then the floor was built and a six-man crew began framing. On the second day, the walls went up, then the ceiling joist, and finally, the roof.

Spillane made sure the addition blended in well with the original structure and looked as if it had always been there. He reused two quarter-round windows that matched a set on the home’s opposite side. This created continuity among the design elements. When the siding roofing and trim are completed, there will be no distinguishing the original part of the house from the new one.

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