Space Saving Toilet

Wall-hung toilets boast small footprint, hidden water tank

The small footprint of wall-mount toilets makes them popular in European countries. They are also more sanitary and easier to clean. The water tank is connected and hidden inside the wall, and the cistern is accessed via a flush plate mount opening.

Things can get a little complicated when switching from a floor-mounted toilet to a wall-hung toilet.

Drywall must be removed, and then thicker walls are needed to support the tank and carrier system. The bowl must be secured properly to prevent it from coming loose. This can happen over time due to the pressure exerted on it.

Sometimes it’s impossible to install a wall-mount toilet.  The challenge is to physically get the drainpipe up the wall from the basement. That’s why they’re usually installed in new construction or during major remodels such as Spillane’s.

Following the demolition of the house, Spillane decided to install wall-hung toilets in all three bathrooms, compliments of Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting. The white, contemporary looking bowls work well with the bathroom accessories he chose as part of Ferguson’s 2016 Model ReModel sponsorship. 

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