Shoring Up Studs

See how Spillane reinforced an aging wood structure

This particular home was built almost 100 years ago, and as such, the structural integrity of the house has deteriorated in certain parts. For instance, the floor beneath the upstairs bathroom (as seen in the photographs) displays water leakage and rot to the original wood. Mike Spillane remedied this by reinforcing the surrounding wood structure with new lumber.

The ultimate goal of a structure is to distribute the weight to the walls, and eventually the foundation. Allowing deterioration of the internal structure can be dangerous, and is well worth the cost of repair. In addition to the ceiling reinforcement, Spillane found it necessary to secure the overhanging structure above the kitchen. According to him, the previous remodeler did a less than satisfactory job of supporting the weight, and to counter this he mounted several two-by-fours horizontally and vertically to remedy the problem.

Spillane does everything by the book, and to him cutting corners is never an option. Not only is it dangerous, but it diminishes the quality of the build and could easily threaten his own reputation as a quality remodeler.

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