Seal Your Cans

Help for your next blower-door test

The last portion of internal reconstruction comes from the electrician. Spillane only uses licensed and experienced electricians. The danger of poorly or improperly installed electrical work can result in fires or electrocution—both potentially deadly but easily avoidable situations.

Deciding on the lighting for a house can have a significant impact on the overall energy efficiency and environmental impact of the structure. Depending on the city, all homes are required to have a varying percentage of their lighting contain energy efficient light bulbs or mounts. Spillane utilizes four-inch can lights throughout most of his remodels, as they allow him to generate a high lumen count with fewer lights. In addition, the particular type of lighting mount he uses, called sealed can lights, seen in the photos, eventually have a rubber seal that meets the drywall of the ceiling and keeps out air. This proves important during a blower-door test, which tests the amount of airflow in a home. The tighter the seal, the more energy efficient the home can be.

Beyond the proper use of building science, the largest impact upon energy efficiency comes from simple things like remembering to turn off the lights, or maximizing laundry load sizes.

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