Planning Ahead

In his work, Spillane strives for quality, speed, and efficiency

On the surface, a company can only be defined as successful if it makes a lot of money. While this is certainly true in many respects, Spillane has pinpointed a goal for his company that he certainly considers of competitive value to money itself—a reputation. In his work, Spillane strives for quality, speed, and efficiency. When he accomplishes these things in a project, the work speaks for itself

 A good reputation cannot be bought.

Ultimately, it comes down to effort. For Spillane, that comes across in planning, in relationships with sub-contractors, in experience, and expertise. Planning a job can be almost as important as the actual work itself—particularly for the speed of a construction.

In terms of efficiency, Spillane believes foresight to be a virtue. Whenever possible, he prefers to have materials onsite even before his workers arrive. Particularly in smaller remodeling projects, easily accessible materials dramatically speed up construction. Whether those materials are cabinetry, windows, faucets, lighting, or lumber, having everything ready beforehand always makes a project run smoother, faster, and ultimately, better.

Essentially, planning is everything.

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