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Ceiling planks add textural contrast, window light to brighten space

There are a lot of reasons to install ceiling planks during a remodel. Sometimes it’s used to cover an acoustic or “popcorn” textured ceiling that needs to be updated. Other times it conceals damaged drywall or plaster that would be too difficult to remove.

This week remodeler Mike Spillane is using WoodHaven Ceiling Planks by 2016 ModelRemodel sponsor Armstrong Ceilings as a decorative focal point to enhance the sunroom and family room. The versatility of the tongue-and-groove planks makes them very popular among contractors and homeowners who engage in DIY projects.

One major benefit of the WoodHaven Ceiling Planks is the ease of installation since it does not require adhesives or special tools. The planks are attached to existing joists or over drywall or plaster ceilings using the clips and screws included in the manufacturer’s package.

For this project Spillane selected a 5” X 84” plank that will be painted white to match the trim being installed throughout the house. The planks add textural contrast to the walls and floors while reflecting light from the windows surrounding the space. This opens up the rooms in this small, older home and makes them appear even larger. 

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