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A home remodel gets a next-door perspective

Beautiful weather is bringing people outdoors and many neighbors enjoy checking on the house and watching the remodel process as it unfolds. “It’s exciting to see the changes,” said the next door neighbor, Rosemary, who was out walking her dog. “The house has been vacant for so long and in bad condition. Now we can see the character it used to have.”

Rosemary also recounted how she told the previous homeowners about Spillane and his company. She had seen his work at a variety of homes in the neighborhood and toured a house he remodeled on the next block. That conversation prompted the sellers to contact Spillane which eventually led to the sale of the house. “I’m so glad it worked out. I’m excited to see what it’s going to look like when it’s finished,” she added.

A couple with young children also pass by regularly to see what differences they can spot on the house. “We wondered what was going to happen after a zoning sign went up in the front yard, but from what we’ve seen, the property is in good hands,” said the husband. “I’m happy someone finally bought it. This (the remodel) benefits everyone around here. It pulls up the value of all our homes.” 

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