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Why ventilation is key to a healthy home

Sometimes homeowners experience low air quality, especially in the bathrooms. Having a well-functioning exhaust fan is essential to protect the area from humidity, which can lead to unpleasant odors, mold and mildew growth, and potential health issues. It can also result in peeling wallpaper and structural damage to wood supports. 

As a 2016 Model ReModel sponsor, Panasonic Eco Solutions North America provided Mike Spillane with three WhisperRecessed LED™ fan/light combo units for the bathrooms. The all-in-one design has a powerful, 80 CFM fan located behind an elegant recessed light, and is one of the most efficient ENERGY STAR® certified combo units on the market. 

Although the fan is strong, it has an impressive 0.8 rating on the sone scale, which determines how loud a sound is perceived. A sone rating of 4 is considered an extremely loud fan while this one is barely audible.  Noise reduction is important to hom owners because studies show that a quiet environment leads to overall improved health and well-being. 

The white, dimmable LED lamp within these units will last up to five times longer and use up to 20% less energy than CFLs, so it complies with the industry’s most stringent green building standards. This is something Spillane appreciates as he strives to be environmentally responsible and resource-efficient when undertaking a remodeling project.

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