Keep it Colonial

A good update means staying faithful to the original

After Chicago’s Columbian Exposition of 1893, colonial became the undisputed national style. This trend brought a surge of colonial-style homes springing up across the country, including the Chicago area. Spillane believed this Colonial Revival-style house built in the 1940s should maintain its original charm. He kept four quarter-round windows on the sides of the house, the front door, front porch and even the house numbers intact during the remodel.

This house appears timeless due to its clean and simple lines, and Spillane decided not to deviate from that look. This house maintains its rectangular shape and symmetrical façade. There is also a sunroom on one side of this two story, and multi-pane, double-hung windows across the front. A medium pitch, side-gable roof and a hooded, centered entrance with accented columns are other key indicators of this architectural style.


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