Housewrap Caps

Plastic caps are worth the investment

Plastic housewrap caps offer several advantages over hand stapling and nailing. First, it eliminates hundreds of excessive holes that compromise the ability of the housewrap to perform as a weather resistant barrier. They help prevent water from getting trapped between the housewrap and sheathing, which minimizes the potential for rot and mold.

Secondly, the caps are concave in shape, so when the fastener penetrates the cap it creates tension and forms the perfect seal. This result is stronger holding power, so you use fewer caps while being able to better withstand windy conditions.

Finally, you will need fewer fasteners to secure the housewrap. This translates to a reduction of time needed to complete the job and reduces your overall labor costs.


Remember to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for spacing. A good rule of thumb is to place a fastener every 8 to 18 inches vertically, and 16 to 24 inches horizontally, driving them into studs or sheathing such as plywood.

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