Glass Onions

A ModelRemodel sponsor updates a classic outdoor light

Onion lanterns have been popular in American homes for nearly a century, but they were initially created and used on board fishing vessels in the 1800s. They are easily recognized by their onion-shaped globes, which were designed to protect the flame from wind, rain and sea spray. A cage was later added to help prevent the globe from breaking, and a loop on the top made the lantern portable and easy to hang.

When Mike Spillane was visiting the Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery showroom, he saw the Park Harbor Outdoor Hanging Lantern and Entrance Wall Lights. These cast aluminum fixtures were a graceful interpretation of the classic onion lantern, in a chocolate bronze finish, and were just the right vintage styling he envisioned for the house.

Two matching entrance wall lights were installed on either side of the automatic garage door to illuminate the driveway and help define the limits of the pavement. A smaller version is next to the side door and under the hooded, center entrance is the hanging lantern.

Exterior lighting is important serves several purposes. It guides visitors and emergency vehicles to the entrances after dark, prevents accidents by highlighting the stairs, and lets those inside the house see who is at the front door. It is a myth that leaving exterior lights on at night will deter crime. According to FBI statistics, most home burglaries occur in the daytime—when having a light on wouldn’t matter. 

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