Flooring, Trim Work Begins

Why white oak flooring stands the test of time

Multiple projects got underway this week as remodeler Mike Spillane focused on enhancing the home’s interior. He implemented some of the major decisions made during the design and planning stages, beginning with flooring and trim work.

White oak hardwood flooring was installed throughout the first and second levels. Eventually, it will be manually stained and finished on-site, yielding a sanded, seamless floor. For now it will remain unfinished until just before the house goes on the market. Spillane is intentionally delaying its completion due to concerns about tradesmen accidentally damaging or scratching it while working on the job site.

“I opted for this [white oak] flooring because it’s renewable, and if it’s damaged I can easily fix it. Also, if the homeowner gets tired of the color they can sand and refinish it,” Spillane said. “There’s a reason why our grandfathers put this type of flooring down 110 years ago. Because it lasts. It’s renewable. It wears well. It always brings value to a home.”

Trim work has also begun upstairs and should take about two weeks to complete. Right now casing is being installed around all of the doors and windows. It replicates the 1” x 4” with a backband that previously existed in the house. The next phase of the flooring project includes installation of the base and quarter round. 

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