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While all washing machines and dryers are designed to clean clothes, selecting the right one can be overwhelming. It helps to consider a household’s laundry needs and the latest technology before assiting homeowners in making any decisions.

Whirlpool has been developing appliances for over 100 years, and generations later the company still believes that doing the right thing matters.  As a sponsor of the 2016 Model Remodel, they supplied the laundry room with the Whirlpool Smart top load washer and dryer. It is the first pair in the U.S. to introduce the use of technology to power philanthropic donations and won the prestigious 2016 CES Innovations Honoree Award in the Tech for a Better World category.

Whirlpool brand’s Connect to Care program allows families to automatically donate to others in need of affordable housing. For every load of laundry washed, homeowners can connect to an app and donate a small, but meaningful, amount of money to Habitat for Humanity to help provide affordable housing for those who need it.

The abundance of remote-access features is another reason this pair is popular among consumers. Through the Whirlpool mobile app, families can remotely start or adjust cycles when they are away from home, switch to an energy saving mode, or be alerted when a cycle is finished. This technology also estimates when laundry detergent, dryer sheets and Affresh washer cleaner are running low and automatically re-order more through Amazon Dash Replacement.

Both appliances feature display fault codes when service is needed or to help correct common user errors. A variety of specialty cycles and easy how-to guides are available for download, too.  These are cutting-edge appliance features that the original homeowner could never have imagined when the house was built in the 1940s. 

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