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A ModelRemodel sponsor offers fitting and fixture ideas

When selecting specific interior fittings and fixtures for the house, Spillane had assistance from Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery. He experienced first-hand how easy it was to set-up an appointment at a local showroom and work with an associate to find the right items for this project.

Before his visit, Spillane spent time looking at the Ferguson website. He wanted the house to have a contemporary feel and appreciated seeing product specs, installation information, and available warranties in advance. This allowed him to create an early list of items that interested him.

At the appointment, Spillane was impressed by the associate’s familiarity with a wide variety of product lines. Together, they compared the benefits and aesthetics of different brands. It was also a chance to see and touch products while getting recommendations that fit his vision, timeline and budget. Their conversation eventually led to Spillane changing his mind on a few things, including the brand of wall-hung toilets that will be placed in all three bathrooms.

According to Ferguson, there are times when clients are interested in specific collections that won’t fit or suit their existing space and systems. Associates are trained to identify what will best function in a renovation versus a remodeling project.

In the end, selections were made for the kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms, as well as ceiling lights and fans. Ferguson provided a customized Showroom Book that outlined Spillane’s purchases by room, and included high-quality photos. This will be a helpful reference when the materials arrive on the job site.

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