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A Model ReModel sponsor offers insights on what clients want

Since 1961, Wellborn Cabinets have been crafted in Ashland, Alabama, and they are proud to stand with other manufacturers who produce products in the USA. Wellborn's reputation for value, quality, and ability to meet lead times, were a few of the reasons Mike Spillane was excited to work with the company.

Knowing in advance when the cabinets and vanities would arrive, gave Spillane peace of mind about creating an installation timeline and scheduling workers. This was especially important since the delivery would include items for the kitchen, all three bathrooms, laundry room, walk-in closet, and the garage. Spillane needed to coordinate activities within the house prior to drop-off to ensure everything kept running smoothly at the job site.

“Most of our products are quickly shipped out in 13 days with extended lead time for specialty orders," says Angela O’Neill, Wellborn’s Director of Advertising and Marketing. "All of our cabinet doors are made in-house, too. If something isn’t quite right we can correct the problem immediately without causing a delay for the contractor.”

While Spillane was impressed by Wellborn’s products and customer service, he also acknowledged they have their finger on the pulse of emerging trends. He learned that clients are now seeking:   

Full access/frameless cabinets. These simple, more contemporary cabinets offer increased accessibility by eliminating the face frame and increase cabinetry storage space by 15%.

More transitional, clean designs. This is a mix between elegant and contemporary. Lines are simple, yet sophisticated.

Variety of paint options. Shades of white, grey, or taupe are extremely popular. Personalization is also gaining speed right now with a nod towards light green shades.

Dark stains. These are popular because they pair well with modern, stainless steel fixtures and appliances. However, lighter stains are starting to make a comeback.

Smart technology for those who need assistance. Opening and closing of cabinets and drawers using a touch-system will continue to improve and have a positive impact on quality of life. Eventually, customization will flourish and the price will become more affordable for the masses.

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