Brand New Garage

A rebuilt garage offers more space, breathing room and fixed ordinance violations

Garages are important to a lot of homeowners and increase overall property value.

When Spillane saw the 16’ X 14’ dilapidated garage located behind the house, he immediately made plans to relocate it. According to the property survey, the garage was originally built on the property line. That was in violation of city ordinances. It should have sat no closer than five feet. Spillane requested permission to move the garage only two feet. Due to the proximity of the house’s attached, screened-in porch, any further would have made it impossible for a vehicle to enter the 2nd bay of the garage.


It took 90 days for the city to approve this request and then demolition began. Spillane tore down the entire structure, removed the concrete, and erected a larger, 20’ X 20’ garage.


Functionally, the garage will provided added storage space for the homeowner, and aesthetically it created breathing room on the shared driveway leading to the backyard. The garage will be sided with James Hardie fiber cement siding and trim. It will feature HardiePlank Select Cedarmill lap siding with a brilliant Deep Ocean ColorPlus Technology finish. 

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