Basement Plumbing

This house has some unique plumbing arrangements that Spillane decided to change

In this particular house, the basement had some unique plumbing arrangements that Spillane eventually decided to change. The original plumbing featured a prominent main stack that ran up through the floor to the two bathrooms. In the basement, this pipe stood out starkly in the middle of the room.

Despite the cost, Spillane eventually came to the decision that the pipe would need to be moved. In order to accomplish this, he needed to tear up the original concrete, add more piping, and shift the main pipe to the side of the room to create more space. As seen in the photographs, this plumbing transition requires a fair amount of work, but the end result will be a dramatic improvement.

His overall plan for the basement is to create an industrial finish and feel in order to create a potential living space for the future owners or their children, and to maintain overall salability.

Spillane will also be installing a television mount and connection on the far wall, along with an enclosed laundry room. The cost of creating this improved layout will be dwarfed by the increased salability of the house and the value to the future owners, Spillane says.

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