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The Model ReModel represents the best of digital media today. It's smart and ambitious. It's bold. It's visually powerful. Part pictorial, part how-to journalism and part reality TV for remodelers, the Model Remodel tracks one stunning project from concept to completion. Along the way, viewers will learn what makes a design great, how to select products and materials, best practices and helpful tips and tricks.

  Located in Batavia, Ill., the older home was dark and hopelessly dated when Mike Spillane purchased it. His grand plan calls for rethinking virtually every room to create a modern, efficient space.

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Professional Remodeler is more than a magazine, website and social media presence. It’s a vibrant conversation.  One voice comes from the editors who tell the stories that remodelers need to make their business stronger and smarter. The other voice comes from the audience, 96,000 professionals in an industry that’s reshaping one of the most profound concepts of human existence: Home. The ModelReModel is part of that discussion with videos, blogs, tips and product information on a unique and wonderful project. 

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Spillane & Sons Building and Remodeling

Mike Spillane has been in the contracting business for 15 years. His company Spillane & Sons works primarily in the suburbs of Chicago, and while his business focuses on renovation, his firm also constructs new homes. Spillane graduated from Aurora University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and from Southern Illinois University with a bachelor’s in management. In addition to his contracting business, he also works as a firefighter in his spare time. Spillane is well known in the tri-city area for his professionalism and best practices.


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